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Creating a SmartCert®

How do I create a SmartCert®?

If you already have a digital file, simply click on the “create SmartCert® button” and you’ll be prompted to fill in information about the customer name, batch or lot code, purchase order number, part number and description (if desired).

Once you have entered the information, select the file folder with the documents your SmartCert® should contain. Click Create and the process is complete. At this point, you can add additional certs or review the ones you have already added. You can also scan new documents with your phone or tablet for those certs that aren’t received digitally.

How is each SmartCert® assigned to a specific parcel or parts?

SmartCert® is designed to handle millions of QR codes that may look similar, but contain unique elements stored in the QR code that are specific to the parts they were assigned. All documents added to a SmartCert® QR code remain with that unique QR code and those specific parts. Customers or vendors that are SmartCert® subscribers could add to that specific SmartCert® QR code with additional documents, as the part follows the journey through the supply chain.

How do I keep track of multiple SmartCert QR codes I have printed for my packaging?

Each SmartCert® QR code will have a unique identifier printed with the QR code. This way, if you batch print, or don’t immediately attach the SmartCert® QR codes to the packages, you’ll know which SmartCert® QR code is assigned to each package by matching the LOT number or the PO number listed on each SmartCert® QR code.

Do I have to add PO, LOT and part# to create a new SmartCert?

Yes. Each QR code must have a unique identifier, but the user can choose either PO number or Lot number for traceability.


Scanning a SmartCert®

How do I scan a SmartCert®?

Scanning a SmartCert® can be done by the camera or QR code scan feature on your Smartphone or tablet.

How do I retrieve my certs?

If you receive a package with a SmartCert® QR code label, you can simply scan it with your Smartphone or tablet camera. The device will read the scan and retrieve the documents in the SmartCert®.

If you are a SmartCert® subscriber, you will click on the button to review certs, which will also populate in your dashboard. If you are not yet a subscriber, you’ll be prompted to list your contact information in order to view the documents in the SmartCert®. You will be able to email or print the cert package but will not be able to add documents or create a new SmartCert® QR code.



Do my customers need to be a subscriber to use SmartCert®?

No. Non-subscribers can scan a SmartCert® QR code to retrieve documents. They simply need to enter their email address and company name, and once completed, they can email, print or save the documents to their device.

How do we feature SmartCert® in our company’s marketing?

That is an excellent idea, and we agree, SmartCert® is a strong differentiator! Contact us for assistance with promotion materials.

How much is a year of SmartCert®?

There is a one-time set-up fee of $1,500 for your company. Monthly fees are defined as:
Master Users are $199/mo.
Standard Users are 99/mo.

What is a Master User?

The Master User is usually a Quality Manager that controls and approves the cert packages. They can add, delete, and modify certs within a SmartCert® QR code and they maintain and assign users within a company. Most companies will have one Master User within each location’s quality department.

What is a subscriber?

A subscriber can add to SmartCert® documentation, but only the Master User can remove documents from a cert package. Anyone can simply “read” a SmartCert® QR code with their phone. A subscriber can store, create, and add document packages.

How many “users” does my company need?

We suggest starting with a Master User and adding anyone who might need access to cert packages within your company. For example, most companies need an additional user in QC, one in the warehouse and one in a satellite facility. It is easy to add and remove users within your company’s subscription.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. You can, however, cancel at any time and your billing will stop the following month.

If I cancel my subscription, what happens to my data and my existing SmartCerts?

Before you cancel, download your SmartCert® information to a spreadsheet or similar file on your computer. You will no longer be able to login to your dashboard, but the QR codes on our packages will still function and contain your certs as a “read only” option.

Who has access to our SmartCerts?

As long as the SmartCert® QR code is not password protected, anyone who scans the SmartCert® QR code will be able to see and access the contents. This is by design. We want this documentation to be readily available to the people who encounter the part. This information is a powerful tool to make sure part specs are correct or verify important information before the parts are installed and sent on to your customers. If you need SmartCert® QR codes that are password protected for DFAR or ITAR parts, or if you would like to include information that is protected intellectual property, please ask us about SmartCertSecure. SmartCertSecure is designed to keep documentation in the hands of only those who have password protected access.

Can a seat be shared with a vendor or a customer?

We offer a referral program where SmartCert® customers can receive incentives to add their vendors as SmartCert® subscribers. Contact us for more information.

What do I need to send sensitive, password protected documents with SmartCert®?

You need SmartCertSecure. Look for announcements about this upcoming product launch, or contact us to discuss your immediate needs.

How do I get my vendors to use SmartCert® so I have inbound SmartCerts from my vendors?

Use our referral program to help us sign up your vendors. You can earn your company up to one free year of SmartCert®. Each vendor sending you inbound SmartCert® QR codes increases the speed and efficiency of your cert transfer process!

What other industries use SmartCert®?

We are adding customers in medical, electronics, chemical, oil and gas, food labeling, and many others. SmartCert® is useful in any industry that requires documentation with their product, or anything that requires unique documents to support product sales. Contact us if you think you have an application or a new use for SmartCert®!


Equipment and Software

Do I need special equipment to use SmartCert®?

No. SmartCert® is designed to use common tools: your desktop computer, Smartphones, label printers, and QR codes.

Do all my certs have to be digital to use SmartCert®?

Yes. All SmartCert® QR codes must either be scanned by your device or pulled from your computer. We can provide recommendations for high-volume scanners for your documents, but all files must be digital to use SmartCert® QR codes.

Does this work with IP/DFAR/ITAR parts?

We do not recommend using standard SmartCert® for DFAR and ITAR parts. If documents are not permitted to be accessed by everyone encountering the parts, we recommend using SmartCertSecure. This platform ensures documents for DFAR, ITAR or intellectual property restricted and protected parts are securely transferred.

Why QR codes?

QR codes were originally designed to identify parts and their packaging by the automotive industry in the 90’s. We believe they are still the best way to transfer and easily retrieve documentation- especially with SmartCert’s ability to create a unique QR code for each of your product shipments. The evolution of the smart phone and camera makes it possible to have all the documentation for parts in your supply chain right there in your pocket and accessible in seconds from the original packaging.

What hardware do I need to use SmartCerts?

A computer and a Smartphone or tablet device with a camera feature. There are free apps on both android and IOS devices, but phone cameras, in most cases, are all you need to access certs with SmartCert® QR codes.

Will this replace my Quality Department Cert folders?

No. SmartCert® is a better way to review and transfer documentation. It does not replace your current required recordkeeping practices set by your industry and the Quality certifications your company holds.

Where do my SmartCerts live in the cloud?

We chose Microsoft Azure Network for cloud storage because it is flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure. Azure utilizes an end-to-end approach to a secure infrastructure built on the backbone of trillions of dollars global online business and the backing of the Microsoft Corporation.

Will SmartCert® integrate directly with my ERP or Quality Management System (QMS)?

Yes. While SmartCert® was intended to be used with ERPs and QMS, we will be integrating and providing enterprise level SmartCert® products in the future. Contact Aramid Technologies for more information.


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