SmartCert® by Aramid

Future-Proof Your Business

Research suggests the majority of IT decision-makers feel their legacy systems are holding their organizations back from advancements in digital transformation.

As a universal platform, SmartCert is revolutionizing document transfer in supply chains and helping companies develop a foundation and future in digital innovation.


The tech behind SmartCert allows for:

A simple and flexible solution to the paperwork bottleneck using existing, mature and trusted technologies and components

A universal platform that advances ERPs, QMS and eCommerce

A cloud-based subscription service that delivers ongoing updates and enhancements without complex IT oversight and support

An added layer of security with your packages and shipments

An opportunity to meet continuous improvement goals and requirements

All part certifications captures & stored digitally
Scan one QR code to access to all certs
Add new certs at any time as parts are changed or modified
Documentation follows part throughout lifecycle

A trusted foundation

“We chose the Microsoft Azure platform because we knew it would allow us to build SmartCert as a modular and universal platform that can add innovation and automation to common legacy systems. This approach makes SmartCert available to literally everyone in the supply chain.”

Lyndon Lattie, SmartCert Co-Founder

SmartCert’s technology automates the transfer of required documentation by binding certs to their parts as they move along the supply chain. Our SQL Server Database provides a fast and stable platform for data entry and extraction to accommodate use within companies and as a communication tool for vendors and customers. Additional Microsoft technologies are integrated into storage and monitoring to ensure speed, reliability and continuous improvement.

Want to learn more about the SmartCert tech foundation?

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Automation and Integration

Companies feel held back by their legacy systems. SmartCert allows for scalability as a universal platform that can integrate with ERP and QMS systems through the use of Rest APIs.


APIs allow for the push and pull of data to initiate and automate processes and integrate SmartCert’s document transfer features into your system. Not only does this provide efficiencies within your organization as it relates to workflow, but it also creates immediate cost savings and exponential ROI by eliminating the need to track down lost certs or quarantine or scrap parts.


SmartCert is an excellent step towards future-proofing your business. It solves the paperwork bottleneck, enhances systems and processes and provides a foundation for continued innovation.


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