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ar·​a·​mid | \ ˈa-rə-məd
The molecules that create high performance materials.

If you want the future done right, build it yourself.

Lyndon Lattie, Co-Founder

With Aramid, we took matters into our own hands. We digitized and improved the status quo. Now you can invest in a better supply chain — without compromising returns.

Companies who trust our technology

We are creating a movement.

Our why

Many complex supply chains have no common tools, workflows or standards for managing required certifications. This leads to delays, excess labor and scrapped parts. While many businesses have made efforts to improve internal processes, it often doesn’t extend far enough to solve for costly communication breakdowns in the cert transfer process.

Our vision

With a history in aerospace and sailing, it’s no surprise the name of our company is founded in what makes the materials in our lives stronger, faster and lighter. Our purpose and vision is to provide a platform of products that will do what aramid materials did for many industries: improve strength, performance and effectiveness without having to revolutionize the systems and processes you have in place.

Our mission

We see a better way. Our tools will reduce inefficiencies and drive down the cost of doing business. This, combined with sales strategies that connect your company to customers and prospects and bring value to your business, will serve as a strong competitive differentiator and digital foundation to drive business growth.

Who we are

Aramid Technologies is comprised of a team of professionals with extensive experience in complex supply chains and UI development.

We have compiled expertise, strength and a common goal from leaders in software development, aerospace, chemical distribution, industrial manufacturing, technology and communications.

We have come together to offer solutions that will revolutionize supply chain documentation transfer. We are driven to help make your company more efficient, productive and valuable.

Our clients say it best

SmartCert® is a key ingredient to our goals of strengthening our relationships and communication channels.  By adding automation to the certification transfer process, we are streamlining delivery to our customers and standardizing transactions with our vendors.


Chris Buettner
Chief Operating Officer, PENCOM

TechFabric is proud to help Aramid bring SmartCert® to the aerospace supply chain and beyond.  We believe this will significantly reduce time spent tracking and tracing documentation and will soon become an essential tool to an increasingly digital future.

Aramid Technologies is well positioned to disrupt some key areas within the aerospace industry, and we are excited to be the partner to help them do it.


Preetham Reddy
TechFabric CEO